DANIEL ALBRITTON: baritone singer

My birthday is September, 25 1965.
I joined
MEN OF FAITH November, 2005.


Singer:  Glen Payne 
Song:  How Great Thou Art
Musicians:  Samuel Jones, Trey Duncan and Grant Barker
Food:  Momma's sweet potato biscuits
Restaurant:  The Fargo Cattle Company
TV Show:  Get Smart
Scripture:  Romans 12:1-2
Hobbies:  My family; Singing with Men of Faith

ONE THING PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU:  I am a certified master carpenter. 

Daniel and his wife, Deidre, were married October 26, 1986. They make their home in Ayden, NC along with their children Kayla and Ben. Their oldest Daughter, Katie, is married to Grant Barker and they live in Greenville, NC.