The MEN OF FAITH answered the call to minister in 2001; starting with four men who had a vision and a desire to serve God through song.  We are dedicated to the ministry of the gospel and have a strong desire to lift up the name of Jesus in song and personal testimony. Our desire is to bring a revival in every service. From churches to festivals, we want to lift up the name of Jesus and ultimately help lead others to Him.

Over the years, the mission to win souls for Christ and to uplift the hurting has never changed. However, the avenue in which the MEN OF FAITH deliver the message of salvation and hope has become more versatile; ranging from traditional gospel, country gospel, and even some progressive gospel. With these different styles, the MEN OF FAITH appeal to young and older audiences alike.

The mission of the MEN OF FAITH will always be to encourage the faithful, lift up the weary, and to stir the hearts of those that have not yet yielded to the call of the Holy Spirit. Helping all to recognize that no matter what they are facing, or how difficult things may seem, there is only one answer, and that answer is Jesus Christ!

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